ram H singhal

“Breath in Love & Breath out Happiness”

This essence has been my real wealth & earning for last 67 Years apart from learning to be a good human being, a family person with children & grand children, a designer , an art-collector , a music lover , a photographer, a blogger , a managment speaker , a spiritual scientist , an entrepreneur & an author of ‘Own zerO’ in year 1984.

Why this book ‘Own zerO’ now in 2019 ? on 15 February .

” ram ” been lucky to find a fine lady whom I call “Mitu ” off course her name is ” Mithlesh ” and our journey of togetherness started on 15 Feb 1976 and today we complete 43 years of blissful bondage to each other .


Life partner is a meaning to life , a meaning which expands our horizon to look beyond physical horizons , a process of togetherness to travel in time totality  , a hope and strength during  roller coaster of fortunes , a companion and compass to show and guide on the unknown frontiers .

In our Indian tradition marriage is a sacred knot which one ties not just for one life but for seven more life to come , but this feeling only becomes true when one looks beyond physical realm into spiritual reality ,

we are one such couple who wants to meet each other again and again and again .


Life is a journey and destination together so is a life partner ,

What exactly is a life partner ?

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

1 Jan 2016

p.s. ….  life is a flow of time where we start two in a boat and as we flow with time our children and grand children make this life meaningful , happy and blissful. May God bless all. love all.


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